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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Focus on the Problem NOT the People

Too many times this year (and others) I've heard a variation on a theme: This person is not the right fit.  I'd say that for a long time, I bought into that premise without questioning it.  Recently, I've begun to rethink that notion.  When dealing with people, I think it is essential to remove them from the equation and focus on a problem: kids not being challenged, tasks not being completed, parents not being communicated with, etc.  Too often, I think we see problems and turn the focus of the problems into a focus on the people involved.  Sure, removing or replacing people can "fix" a problem. But at what cost to the organization?  Is there a way to look at the problem, and work as a team with the people to make the situation better?  I hope so.  In the coming months, I'm going to explore this line of thought and see where it leads. 

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