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Friday, May 6, 2011

Asking a Great Question

My best students (and best thinkers) have always been equipped to ask great questions.  I had one, Alex, who would email me a question each week, like: how is a peach's fuzz an evolutionary benefit?


Each day I send my daughter off to school and beg her to ask at least one question. 

I love asking questions.  It is an essential part trouble-shooting. When I'm building a cabinet or working through a disciplinary consequence,  that aspect of questioning plays a vital role.  What if I mount the screws this way?  Which side of this lumber is more pleasing to look at?  Does this student have a prior history?  How have we handled previous cases that are similar?  What are the parents going to think about this?  How can we support this teacher?

My friend and a source of great inspiration this past year, Sarah, sent me this blog post which speaks to me on many levels.  As a biologist, lover of innovation, Jefferson groupie, and political junkie.  The way we run school can be informed by the thinking that goes on here:

Enjoy: http://bit.ly/majjeZ

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