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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vision as a Source of Inspiration

The question of motivation comes up frequently.  How do we expect teachers to turn in grades on time, report for lunch duty, supervise study hall, focus in faculty meetings, etc?  For me, one of the most important qualities a leader can possess is VISION.  I need to have a sense that we are headed in a certain direction.  I want to row the boat, but I also want to know that I'm not rowing south, while my teammate is rowing north.  I propose that a vision, coupled with a sense of what the team is doing is key to motivating.

Having said that, it is also essential that the vision be COMMUNICATED in a way that maximizes input from everyone involved. It would be a disaster to have a ship's captain who had a vision for a rowing expedition to the North Pole, while the rest of us had visions of warm Caribbean beaches.

We're back to a having the mindset and skill set to work with others to refine a vision, or having the ability to win other's over with fully-imagined and inspiring vision (even if it means colder waters).

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